I will give you an answer for the question of existence from the rational point of view.

I will give you an answer for the question of existence from the rational point of view.

Rational means physics.  So the physicians made the STANDARD MODEL. Which is the table with all the participles and all the forces that are in our universe. Forces are transported by participles as well. So this is the table all of all participles that exist in our universe.

Standard Model

The STANDARD MODEL works like Mendeleev’s table so we have participles already discovered and empty spaces for participles that will be discovered in the future.

The reason that we haven’t discovered them yet is money of course 🙂 I mean money that CERN and other institutes need to build huge accelerators in which those participles are produced.

So what we need is energy and money of course.

If we have enough energy, money and maybe some revelation ideas, we will be able to discover the Higgs participle. It is called this way because it’s responsible for the entire mass in our world.

Don’t ask me. I don’t know how that Higgs participle works. You can find it out in this very good iconic article. Or in this great piece of movie presented here:

But anyway it is predicted by the STANDARD MODEL, and we have the space for it in the table.

Summarizing. The general idea from the scientific point of view is simple. We are describing the world by the smallest participles which it is built from. Demokryt has done it with his atoms. Mendeleyev has done it with his table of elements. And now we have smaller elements, the elements of elements, and they are gathered in the table called the STANDARD MODEL. And it is still refilled with freshly discovered participles, and it has also some room for the participles that will be physically experienced in the future.

That’s about it. This is the answer for the question of existence from the scientific point of view.

One more thing which possible you would like to know is: how it has started and how it ends. So it has started with the BIG BANG. At first our world was condensed in one point and then it has expended. Till now, and it is still expending.  How it ends? Probably it will be expending indefinitely.

And what is the answer of existence from the irrational point of view? I guess the world itself is the answer, and the answer lies in all of us. So we can lie and drink a beer and all things happen spontaneously. This is the Darwin theory, to which I will refer next time.

And what about god? I don’t think you believe in bible god? Nowadays it would just like believing in Santa Claus.  But I can talk about conscience. And what I was always interested in: Do always bad comes back to us, and good comes back too?

I guess it’s possible, because of the how our psyche is build and how we see the world.  But again – the perception of the world is our next episode.

And what if the belief is a feeling? I guess it may be the true. It starts with the simplest things that children are learning. For example, the child is in the room, and can’t see its parents, because they are over the wall, but it can hear them. The child is assuming that they’re there. Can we call it belief?  What we cannot see or touch by one sense we can use another sense to assume it. What we cannot touch by any of senses we can assume it using our brain. But what happens if we cannot assume something by our brains? Then we have to believe it. But I will return to it later.