EPISODE II – The Wrong and Right

Last time I asked myself. Do always bad things come back to us and also the good things? And I think yes. Because it is connected with how we see the outside world. We give another what we had received earlier. And we talk to people, do things, like we think they will do or talk to us.

So the next question is why there are so many bad things and bad people among us? Because if the bad things come back we should know how avoid them, by doing good things. And the answer is: doing good things is harder than bad things. And the second thing: each people define good and wrong in different scale. And the third thing is: sometimes we are made to do good or bad things and we can’t change it, even if we know it.

And the fourth thing is the question if good or bed exists at all. Maybe we’re all driven by simple rules of Darwin survival, and the things like good or bad are just a backward creation. But this is again the first question of understating “good” or “bad”.

So I will avoid the first of doing good thinks make it harder, and also the third point that some people are predisposed to certain thins. Because these secondary things.

The main point is the different scale of feeling what is wrong and what is good.  Scale of feeling what is bad or good for me and others. This is the sense of morality, and it’s connected with who we are and how were we raised. Because one person thinks the cheating is a bad thing, and he feels strongly bad when was cheated, and also feel strongly bad when he had cheated another. But there are people, among us, who don’t feel bad about the little cheating, and they don’t mind cheating and don’t mind being cheated.  They just don’t feel anything wrong in it.

So this is the scale. An in this the time where we should also define “cheating” or “bad” and “good” in general. I will try to do it in the next chapter.